Tailor-made cycling packages

An example of such a cycling arrangement can be:

A bicycle route between 50 and 60 km and the intention is to enjoy.

Departure around 11 am
We stop all 15/20 km for a drink, dinner/picknick in the afternoon. The additional drinks/lunch is self-payable except for the picnic, which is included in the price.

If you choose for 1 day and the weather is not too bad it will most likely be a picnic.

If you choose for the midweek, we’ll have lunch a few days on the road and then it’s also 5 different cycling routes.

In the evening we’ll take you to a restaurant of your choice and we’ll come back to pick you up so you can enjoy a drink at your leisure.

Everything can be discussed together.

One of our favourite routes is the Demerroute. See route on the right


Another one is the Wijnlandschappenroute. See route on the right


Another one is the Witte goudroute. See route on the right

witte goudroute

And a lot of others of course…